'Darkest Hour' Producer on Why WWII Films Are Resonating This Year | Producer Roundtable

Eric Fellner also discussed producing the music-driven 'Baby Driver.'

"I think that there's a lot going on politically and socially that people can buy into," Darkest Hour producer Eric Fellner told The Hollywood Reporter on why he believes audiences will resonate with the upcoming film. With two major World War II period dramas as awards contenders this year (Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk as the other), the Producer Roundtable discussed the renewed relevancy of these films.

"There's nationalism everywhere," continued Fellner. "There's hate and bigotry everywhere, and people are starting to notice and go, 'You know what, we need to stand up.' That's what Churchill did."

Fellner also shared the development process of one of the year's hit films, Baby Driver, calling it "very easy" with writer/director Edgar Wright. With the music being such an essential piece of the narrative, Fellner's team sent the script out on iPads so readers could listen to the intended soundtrack: “It was quite expensive in development. We were sending iPads everywhere.”

Darkest Hour premieres Nov. 22. Tune in to THR.com/roundtables for more roundtables featuring creators of the year's top films.