Darren Aronofsky Screens 'Noah' Footage for Church Conference

Niko Tavernise
Russell Crowe in "Noah"

The director shared an exclusive sneak peek of his biblical epic with a religious audience in Texas.

Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic Noah doesn't hit theaters until March 28, 2014, but efforts are already being made to get the word out to religious communities.

On Thursday, the director showed an "exclusive sneak peek" of the Paramount film to an audience at Texas' church-based Echo Conference.

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Judging by several tweets, embedded below, it seems audience members were impressed by the footage.

It doesn't appear that the film footage has surfaced online, but one audiencemember posted the video intro, which is embedded below.

In the intro, Aronofsky talks about how he had dreamed of making a movie about Noah since he was in the seventh grade, when a poem he wrote about the biblical character won a contest and he read it before the United Nations. Aronofsky says that experience "gave me the courage and spirit to be a writer. So Noah's very much been a patron saint in my life leading me toward my creative endeavors."

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"I'm also excited that Hollywood has finally agreed to make the first biblical epic in almost 50 years," he adds. "It's been a long time since Bible movies were on the screen, and there's been a lot of advancements in technology and special effects, and maybe that's the reason why Noah's never been attempted on the big screen before, because of the size and scale of the deluge and all the different animals. … But now, finally, with Hollywood's help, we can actually do this and bring it to life."

Aronofsky says he tried to remain truthful to the words of the Bible while making a movie that would connect with audiences.