EXCLUSIVE: Darren Criss: From 'Crazy' Potter Fan to 'Glee' Insanity in One Year

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Darren Criss pictured on The Hollywood Reporter in 2009 (l) as a fan outside the Harry Potter premiere then as a star guest in 2010 (r)

The 'Glee' standout was pictured on The Hollywood Reporter as a 'crazy fan' outside the 'Harry Potter' premiere in 2009. In 2010 he was a 'Harry Potter' invited guest.

When Darren Criss thinks about how much his life has changed recently, he really only has to think about Harry Potter.

The Glee standout recalls that in July 2009 he was pictured on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter as a "crazy fan" (his words) outside the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere in Los Angeles.

One year later -- after becoming an overnight sensation with his cover of “Teenage Dream" on Glee -- Criss found himself an invited star guest to the Harry Potter premiere in New York on Monday.

"It's insanity," he tells THR. "A year ago today, I was a guy in line waiting with my buddies outside the premiere. Now I was an invited guest.”

In a very short period of time he switched places from outsider to insider on the red carpet.

"A year ago, people were like you’re in the The Hollywood Reporter…depicted as a crazy fan," he adds (it should be noted that in the actual July 16, 2009 story, Criss was simply called one of "the faithful.")

Things have obviously changed for Criss. On Friday, the song hit number one on the Billboard charts, the first time a song from the Fox show has achieved such success. Criss downplays reports that he has a regular gig on the hit program.

"It’s all in their ballpark," he says of the show's producers. "We’ll see what they do with the character. I’m just happy to be there for now."

Despite his viral success and the odd Potter perk, his days remain pretty regular.

"The fact the song has done so well doesn’t wake me up in the morning when I realize my room is a mess and I have laundry to do," he says.

While he covered a Katy Perry song on Glee, Criss insists that his star struck moment would be meeting the song’s writer Lukasz "Dr Luke" Gottwald.

"If I get to meet him, I’ll probably explode. I would have convulsions," says Criss. "I would die…But I’ll take Katy, I love her too."