Daughtry gets intimate for tour

Planning headlining arena trek later this year

DETROIT -- Even as it preps for a 14-date run of clubs and theaters next month, Daughtry is eyeballing a headlining tour of arenas in the fall.

"We don't want to get too over-zealous," frontman Chris Daughtry tells Billboard.com. "We're not gonna be doing the Staples Center (in Los Angeles) right out the gate, obviously. We'll be doing some small- and medium-sized arenas. We haven't got the confirmed schedule up yet; we're still working on that. But it'll be a big rock show for sure."

How big? "It's the first time where we actually get to use some big production," Daughtry says, "so maybe some pyro, who knows. It would be kind of fun to mess around with that. We're working on it right now, designing some different stage ideas and maybe try to incorporate some of the artwork of the record. We're messing around with the concept right now, so...it's gonna be a surprise."

Spirits are, of course, high around the Daughtry camp thanks to the chart-topping debut of "Leave This Town," his second release since being an "American Idol" finalist and first with the band he assembled after his 2006 quadruple-platinum debut came out. "I couldn't be happier," Daughtry says. "You get ready to put that second record out, you have that maybe a week or so before it happens, you don't know what it's gonna do. You're a little nervous. You got the jitters. You're not sure what's gonna happen. And then the first week just kinda puts your mind at ease."

And though much has been made of "Leave This Town" outselling Michael Jackson that particular week, Daughtry says he's not putting much stock in that.

"Y'know, if we outsold him back in '83, that would've probably been a different story," he notes. "To me it's not a really good comparison. We're talking about someone who's sold more records than anybody in the universe...I don't think that's a really good angle. It sounds good in headlines but, no, I don't look at it that way. I'm just very proud and honored to be at the top of the charts."