Toronto Issues Warning Over Dave Chappelle's On-Stage Smoking

Chappelle City Hall - H 2012

Chappelle City Hall - H 2012

The comedian makes an unscheduled visit to Mayor Rob Ford's office -- on the same day a theater earns a slap on the wrist for allowing him to smoke.

Dave Chappelle is lighting up the Toronto stage, in more ways than one.

The reclusive comedian just wrapped a three-show gig at Toronto's Winter Garden Theatre -- part of a characteristically hard-to-nail-down "pop up" tour -- during which he smoked numerous cigarettes throughout the 75-minute set. And that act has earned a warning from the city.

Chappelle paid an unscheduled visit to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Wednesday, a "brief" meeting captured and broadcast to Twitter users by an aide.

But later in the day, the Winter Garden received a call from Toronto Public Health, the Toronto Star reports. The call was to remind them of the provincial Smoke-Free Ontario Act, which states "that all performers must be in compliance with the [no tobacco use] legislation,” according to city spokeswoman Kris Scheuer. “There are no exemptions.”

It's unlikely Ford tipped them off, however. The controversial mayor, despite fighting a public battle with his weight, remains staunchly committed to such unhealthy vices as red meat and alcohol.

His latest public dustup arose after a commuter snapped a picture of Ford reading a document while driving his Escalade and posted it to Twitter. Asked about the photo at a press conference later that day, Ford replied: "Yeah, probably. I'm busy."