Dave Chappelle on Walk-Off: I Wanted to Call 'White,' 'Alcoholic' Audience 'Crackers'

Dave Chapelle Funny or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Tour - P 2013
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Dave Chapelle Funny or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Tour - P 2013

"If North Korea ever drops a bomb on this country, I hope to God it lands on Hartford, Connecticut," the comedian said onstage in Chicago Tuesday.

Dave Chappelle says he wanted to "pull a reverse Kramer" on a Hartford, Conn., audience he walked out on last week after being heckled.

Speaking onstage in Chicago on Tuesday, the comedian said the Hartford audience was a bunch of "young, white alcoholics," according to TMZ and audio posted on YouTube.

VIDEO: Dave Chappelle Walks Offstage Amid Crowd Boos

"I don't want anything bad to happen to the United States," Chappelle said, "but if North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut."

He went on to reference an incident in which Seinfeld alum Michael Richards hurled racial slurs at African-American members of his audience during a 2006 stand-up show.

"I wanted to pull a reverse Kramer and call 'em all crackers or something crazy like that," Chappelle said. "I know that shit'll be on YouTube. 'Funnyman Dave Chappelle calls a room full of white people "crackers." ' Couldn't do that. I felt bad when Kramer did that shit to us."

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Last week, Chappelle's set in Hartford was apparently going well when, according to reports, he stopped telling jokes and began reading passages from a book, smoking, and expounding on a number of subjects. Members of the audience said there were some hecklers who occasionally screamed, causing Chappelle to stop. The cheers eventually gave way to boos as Chappelle stood onstage to run the clock out on his required 25-minute set before making his exit.

Listen to audio from the Chicago show below, but be warned it contains explicit language.