Dave Grohl Stops Foo Fighters Show to Give Gift to Blind Fan (Video)

Dave Grohl Firefly - H 2014
AP Images

Dave Grohl Firefly - H 2014

This is a moment that one concertgoer won't soon forget.

It's times like these ... when the world doesn't seem so bad after all.

The massively successful rock band Foo Fighters was performing a recent gig in Sydney when frontman Dave Grohl spotted an audience member holding up a sign.

"There's a guy in the front row — he's got a sign that says: 'Drumstick for a blind guy,' " Grohl told the crowd.

Video from the concert shows Grohl telling drummer Taylor Hawkins, "Give me a drumstick," and he then hands the souvenir to the fan.

Footage of the moment, which first appeared on the Daily Mail website, can be seen below.

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