Dave Grohl sues Scissor Sisters in spoof

VIDEO: Said to be suing British band for 'emotional distress'

NEW YORK -- Dave Grohl knows a thing or two about ridiculous legal battles, and in a new spoof with the Scissor Sisters, the Foo Fighters frontman and Nirvana drummer finds himself entangled in yet another "lawsuit." It seems it's never too soon for a funny guy like Grohl to crack a joke.

In an announcement posted on the Scissor Sisters' website on Oct. 3, Dave Grohl was said to be suing the flamboyant British band for "emotional distress after singer Jake Shears exposed one of his testicles at a recent gig," which Grohl attended. A fake news report (which looks straight out of an "Adult Swim" show) featuring an interview with Grohl was posted on the Scissor Sisters' site as well. Grohl's distress is apparently worth $75 million in damages from the band, as well as its management, label and wardrobe department, Ticketmaster, and the venue.

The humor of Grohl's ridiculous claims is elevated by how emotional he grows in the clip, proclaiming: "Every night when I go to bed, every time when I blink my eyes, I still see Jake's nuts. Is 75 million dollars going to erase that from my life? Probably not."

Those who think this lawsuit is anything but a bit of viral fun may not be aware of Grohl's sense of humor. After you dress up like a little girl in front of the cameras (in the video for "Learn to Fly"), fake-suing over matters of male nudity in front the cameras is just another day in the world of Dave Grohl.

The Scissor Sisters will join Lady Gaga's "Monster Ball" Tour early next year in the opening spot, where the crowds will probably be more prepared for the occasional flash of nudity than Grohl.