David Alan Grier Talks 'The Cool Kids' and Jokes That Didn't Air

"It's a slower, gentler 'Breakfast Club.' That's the essence," Grier said of 'The Cool Kids.'

In Fox's series The Cool Kids, from Paul Fruchbom and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Charlie Day, David Alan Grier joins a cast of comedic veterans — Martin Mull, Vicki Lawrence and Leslie Jordan — as they cause mischief in a retirement community.

Grier sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss joining the cast, and said that the creators originally thought he was "too young" for the show.

"When they did Golden Girls, I think they were actually younger than we were. I'm the youngest in the cast. After I think the third time, my agents finally set the meeting," he explained. "And my whole pitch was like, 'You want to start young, right? I'm mean, I'm 62 now and hopefully it'll last for 10 years and I'll be sufficiently crusty. But if you cast 80-year-olds, they could be dead by Kwanzaa."

While Grier calls The Cool Kids a "slower, gentler Breakfast Club," the writers like to push the envelope when it comes to jokes for a network sitcom. "I like that we're pretty raunchy, especially Vicki's character," the actor said.

He goes on to explain how they deal with jokes that are deemed "too far" for the network, saying, "They won't let you say this word, but they'll let you say that word, so you kind of have to negotiate how obscene you can be, and sometimes it's kind of perplexing what they say you can and can't do."

He added: "Like there was a time where they were teasing me about how sex sounded when I slept with my wife and how horrible it was, but there were sounds the network wouldn't let me make and there were other sounds that I could make. It's very technical sometimes."

Watch the video above to hear Grier also discuss working with the star-studded cast, landing his role in Native Son and more.