David Arquette Admits to Drinking Beer at 4, Smoking Pot at 8

George Burns/Harpo Productions Inc.

In his first post-rehab interview with Oprah Winfrey, the actor also reveals that estranged wife Courteney Cox organized an intervention.

David Arquette gives Oprah Winfrey his first post-rehab interview, slated to air Thursday.

The Scream 4 (in theaters April 15) star, who has been sober since Dec. 29, admits he came into contact with drugs and alcohol very young.

"When I had my first drink of beer, I must have been four-years-old," he tells Winfrey. "I was down in the basement with my dad and beer was there and I just grabbed it and drank it. And I remember that. It's one of my earliest memories."

A few years later, his drinking intensified. He also began dabbling in drugs.

"I seriously started drinking probably when I was about 12," Arquette adds. "I stole pot from my father when I was eight years old."

Arquette says it was his decision to check into rehab after his sister, Patricia Arquette, and his estranged wife, Courteney Cox, organized an intervention.

"I came back from Miami and I had taken a nap. I woke up and Patricia and Courteney were at my bed," he remembers. "Courteney had a cup of coffee. I was like, 'What are you two doing here together?' I already knew."

"Courteney's like, 'Do you mind coming out to the living room for a minute?' I said, 'Sure, let me get dressed.' I put on this white outfit and came out. I peeked my head out. [I saw] and my best friend Hartwell and my business partner and some guy I don't know. I go 'What up, Turkeys? I guess this is my intervention!'"