David Arquette Tossed From Prince Gig

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The actor was forced to leave a recent Prince concert at the Forum after having words with a security guard.

David Arquette learned the hard way that sometimes it’s best not to argue with security guards.

The actor was tossed from a Prince concert recently at Inglewood’s Forum, Spinner reported Wednesday and his representative confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter.

"Security came to take this kid away and they said, 'You gotta get rid of all those pictures on your phone,'" Arquette said. "I said, 'Prince just said we could take the pictures.' And so I got kicked out of the Prince show."

While Prince has never been a fan of close-up photos, the artist clearly can’t stop all the tens of thousands of fans who have dropped by the arena near LAX since he first debuted his multi-night stand in L.A. April 14th.

Yet a security guard was enforcing Prince's “no photo” rule the Forum security office said came “straight from the artist.”

Although the run of shows at the Forum is officially over for Prince, the Forum security office told the Hollywood Reporter today that they warned all fans as they entered the arena that cameras, even cell phone cameras, were not officially allowed.

“We gave everyone fair warning when they entered,” a security official who did not want to be named said today.

Arquette apparently was unaware of the rule and was subsequently bounced from the arena after getting into some kind of verbal war with a member of the Forum’s security detail.

Prince, of course, is not done playing for fans in the L.A. area, his new adopted hometown. He may be finished with his run of gigs at the Forum, but the “Purple Rain” purveyor last month performed a number of shows at smaller venues such as The Troubadour and more shows around L.A. may take place this month.

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