Watch Leather-Clad David Beckham Ride a Motorcycle in New Short Film

David Beckham - H 2015

David Beckham - H 2015

The soccer star goes rogue in Belstaff's newest short, 'Outlaws.'

David Beckham has made his small-screen debut as the rough-and-tumble bad boy in Belstaff's 18-minute short film, Outlaws, in which he stars alongside Harvey Keitel, Katherine Waterston and Cathy Moriarty. Though he doesn't have a speaking role, Becks certainly nails his role as the good-looking motorcyclist making his way through the Mexican desert.

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In a behind-the-scenes video, the soccer star admitted that he was a bit nervous for his film debut. "This is all new to me. To step onto a film set like this is very daunting because it’s not my area of expertise." However, the star noted, the welcoming cast helped him feel more comfortable with the newness.

Keitel, in particular, did his best to help the 40-year-old feel at ease — even going so far as to send him flowers. "I was waiting in the trailer to do the first scene, and a bunch of lilies arrived for me," Beckham revealed in an interview with Britain's Metro newspaper. "I was like, 'OK, I don't often get given flowers.' There was a note on it from Harvey, saying, 'It takes a man to give another man flowers.' "

Watch the Liv Tyler-produced film below.