David Beckham Catches Tennis Ball at Wimbledon

AP Images

A roar of applause went up as the ex soccer player plucked the rogue ball from the air while watching a semifinal game at the annual Championships.

TV cameras at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships regularly stray away from the on-court action to focus instead the celebrities who seem to make up a sizeable percentage of the crowd.

But at the men’s doubles semifinals on Thursday, they didn’t have to.

When a rogue ball went flying into the stands, having taken a deflection off a judge's chair, it was plucked out of the air by none other than former LA Galaxy star David Beckham, who nonchalantly tossed it back into play to a roar of applause.

“If he’d have missed that one he’d have been in trouble,” offered the BBC commentator.

See the catch below...