David Beckham Catches Tennis Ball at Wimbledon

David and Romeo Beckham
AP Images

The former England soccer captain and LA Galaxy star made several appearances this year, one here with his youngest son Romeo and later at the men's double semifinals when he caused a stir by catching a rogue tennis ball out of the air.

A roar of applause went up as the ex soccer player plucked the rogue ball from the air while watching a semifinal game at the annual Championships.

TV cameras at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships regularly stray away from the on-court action to focus instead the celebrities who seem to make up a sizeable percentage of the crowd.

But at the men’s doubles semifinals on Thursday, they didn’t have to.

When a rogue ball went flying into the stands, having taken a deflection off a judge's chair, it was plucked out of the air by none other than former LA Galaxy star David Beckham, who nonchalantly tossed it back into play to a roar of applause.

“If he’d have missed that one he’d have been in trouble,” offered the BBC commentator.

See the catch below...