David Beckham Email Hack Reveals Star's Outrage Over Knighthood Snub

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
David Beckham

Leaked emails indicate that the star was due to become Sir David Beckham in 2014.

David Beckham has been accused of attacking the U.K.'s honors committee in private correspondence after he failed to be awarded a knighthood. 

A cache of emails — dubbed Beckileaks in the British press — were leaked over the weekend, revealing the star's outrage in messages to the agency representing him, Doyen Sports.

Among the emails was one in which Beckham reportedly described the honors committee, which decides on recipients, as a "bunch of c––s" and the honors system itself as a "f––ing joke."

According to the British press, Beckham was set to receive a knighthood in 2014 but this was halted due to his alleged involvement in a tax avoidance scheme. 

The hackers behind the emails had reportedly demanded €1 million ($1.07 million) from Doyen, and police in Portugal, where they have an office, have been investigating the case for a year. 

Beckham's representatives have dismissed the contents of the emails as "outdated material taken out of context from hacked and doctored private emails from a third-party server," adding that they give a "deliberately inaccurate picture."