David Beckham Enlists Guy Ritchie to Direct Whisky Ad

Beckham's own Haig Club whisky went on sale in July

David Beckham has once again hauled Guy Ritchie away from a film set — perhaps this time The Man From U.N.C.L.E. — to direct him in a TV advert.

Following on from the H&M commercial earlier this year, which had Beckham running around the streets of LA in just his briefs, Ritchie has now filmed the (this time fully-clothed) ex-footballer in an ad for his own Haig Club whisky, which went on sale in July.

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The advert sees a leather-jacketted Beckham riding a motorbike through the Scottish Highlands, casually skipping from the open road to a rugged hillside path before descending on a castle-like estate, where he switches to a velvet jacket to hang out with a group of similarly rakish-looking friends.

The whisky, which is a collaboration between Beckham, his manager Simon Fuller and international liquor giant Diageo, has seen the former LA Galaxy star fall foul of U.K. charity Alcohol Concern over his other roles promoting a healthy lifestyle to children.

See the full advert below.