David Beckham and Kevin Hart Are Basically Twins in New H&M Campaign

David Beckham Kevin Hart Split - H 2015
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David Beckham Kevin Hart Split - H 2015

Separated at birth?

Kevin Hart and David Beckham have a lot in common: They're both famous, they're both exercise enthusiasts, they're both human — the list goes on and on. And now, thanks to their new H&M campaign, it's like we can't even tell them apart anymore (kind of).

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The pair posted behind-the-scenes Instagram shots of their latest project in which they can be seen working out, posing with wildlife taxidermy and taking selfies (both filtered and #unfiltered) — all while dressed identically from head to toe. 

"I can't seem to shake this guy off! @kevinhart4real #lovethisman #twins," captioned Beckham in a flannel-heavy selfie. (Note: Beckham at left, Hart at right.) 


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Hart, too, used the hashtag "#twins" when captioning his photo of the orange-clad duo posing casually in front of a life-size grizzly bear statue.

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"2 Questions," reads the 'gram, "Question #1 Why are we sitting this comfortably In Front of this grizzly bear? Question #2 Why are we dressed alike? Gotta love @davidbeckham #Twins #GoodTimesWithGreatPeople." (Note: Hart at left, Beckham at right.)


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However, although the resemblance is strong, it turns out that Beckham and Hart aren't actual twins. If you don't believe us, here's our proof: Today is Hart's 36th birthday, whereas Beckham turned 40 on May 2. So maybe they're just brothers instead?