Perfect Specimen David Beckham Makes Pasta From Scratch

David Beckham - H 2015
AP Images

David Beckham - H 2015

Is there anything he can't do?

He's a world-class athlete, a loving father, a doting husband — and his underwear ads make Adonis look more like a cherub than a god. Really, is there anything David Beckham can't do? 

Just when we thought that the British baller couldn't get anymore perfect, the 40-year-old revealed that in addition to his many swoon-worthy qualities, he also cooks. But we're not just talking boxed macaroni and cheese. No, the man makes his pasta from scratch. 

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"I make the pasta by hand, the dough and everything. It’s my best dish," said Beckham in a recent interview with Yahoo Style of his secret talent, causing women round the world to faint in disbelief that such a man exists.

In his interview, Becks, national hero, also explains how he came to save 3-year-old daughter Harper's precious little locks. "About a year ago, my wife said, 'Maybe we should cut Harper’s hair.' And I was like, 'No! We need to grow it. Do. Not. Touch,'" he said of his little girl — quite possibly the luckiest little girl in the world. 

David Beckham: Keeping the dream of Prince Charming alive in the hearts of women everywhere.