David Beckham Is Embarrassing Dad, Wipes Teenage Son's Face in Public

David and Romeo Beckham

"Ugh, Dad."

David Beckham and his favorite mini-me — no, not Kevin Hart, but 12-year-old son Romeo Beckham — attended Wimbledon on Wednesday for some quality father-son bonding.

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The afternoon began swimmingly, with the pair soaking up the Wimbledon sunshine, taking selfies in their matching white shirts and sport coats and watching the — WAIT, what's that? A smudge on Romeo's face?! 

"C'mere, you've got a little something righhhht here," the not-at-all-embarrassing David seems to say, before wetting his thumb and wiping the corners of Romeo's mouth. 

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"What, Dad. No, I'm fine. Dad, stopppp, c'mon," says Romeo's angst-ridden face, before accepting his father's helping hand. It's okay, Romeo, we've all been there. Fathers can be, like, so annoying sometimes. But what can you do?

Celebrity parents: Just as embarrassing as yours.