David Beckham's Grooming Line Is Coming Soon

David Beckham -Getty-H 2016
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Plus, the style icon admits he really regrets those cornrows.

David Beckham has used his attractive mug (and, let's be honest, the rest of his flawless physique) to sell watches, underwear, cellphones, leather jackets, gel moisturizers, flannel shirts — the list goes on. 

But now, he's using his signature slicked-back coif and rugged stubble to sell a brand new product: His own grooming collection, House 99, produced in collaboration with L'Oreal. This marks the first time L'Oreal has launched a brand from scratch.

The British soccer hero and full-time handsome person began teasing the collection, which launches Feb. 1 exclusively at Harvey Nichols, on the brand's Instagram account Tuesday, showing men with a variety of hair situations — from waist-length waves to that one hipster haircut and even a handlebar mustache — using the line. House 99 will include 21 products for beard, shaving, face, hair, body and tattoos — including a moisturizer with SPF 30, which Beckham applies to his own 40-plus tattoos.

The 42-year-old told WWD that the number 99 holds personal significance for him — both "as a person [and] as a sportsman" — as 1999 marks the year son Brooklyn was born, the year he won The Treble with Manchester United and also the year he got married to the one and only Victoria Beckham. (David admits that his designer wife helped him veto a few of the products in the collection, too.)

While speaking of his many hairstyles during the 20-plus years he's been in the public eye, Beckham admitted the one look he regretted most was cornrows. “I remember being in the South of France, and I think I might have had a glass of wine or two, and one of my friends was with me who was great at doing cornrows. I was like: ‘Yeah, do my hair, go on — it keeps getting in the way,’” he told the magazine, adding that once he got back to training, the tight braids caused him pain when heading the ball. 

Looks like even the most stylish have their bad hair moments.