David Bowie Once Chastised MTV for Not Playing Enough African American Artists

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David Bowie

A 1983 interview in which Bowie questions the lack of diversity was shared by the music channel in the wake of his death and is quickly spreading on social media.

A section of a 1983 interview David Bowie gave to MTV in which he blasted the music channel for the lack of diversity among musicians played is quickly spreading across social media.

Bowie, who died Sunday at the age of 69, did not mince words when he took MTV veejay Mark Goodman to task, saying he was "floored" by what he had seen, or rather not seen. On Monday, MTV shared the interview on Twitter. 

"There seem to be a lot of black artists making very good videos that I'm surprised are not being used on MTV," Bowie said in the interview. 

Bowie told Goodman that when he did see videos by black artists, it was usually in the early morning hours. 

Bowie pressed Goodman as to why black musicians were not being played.

"Is it not possible that it should be a conviction of the station and other radio stations — to be fair, it does seem to be rampant through American — should it not be a challenge to try and make the media far more integrated, especially, if anything, in musical terms?" Bowie asked. 

The legendary musician did not seem all that impressed with the responses to his questions. 

Watch the full segment below.