David Bowie Statue Unveiled in Town Where Singer Debuted Ziggy Stardust

Earthly Messenger -Bowie Statue In Aylesbury - unveiled March 25 - Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of David Stopps

The life-size art piece, "Earthly Messenger," in Aylesbury, just northwest of London, plays a Bowie song every hour via speakers.

The English town of Aylesbury, which lies just northwest of London, on Sunday unveiled a David Bowie statue called "Earthly Messenger." 

It features several likenesses of Bowie and his alter egos over the years, with Ziggy Stardust, a character the music icon had debuted at Aylesbury's Friars music venue in the 1970s, at the front, the BBC reported.

Speakers mounted above the life-size art piece are playing a Bowie song every hour.

The statue was designed by sculptor Andrew Sinclair, who used the mask taken from Bowie's face during the filming of The Man Who Fell to Earth, to create the likeness.

The statue in Aylesbury's market square was made possible by a Kickstarter campaign launched by music promoter David Stopps who used to work at Friars.

Bowie died of cancer at the age of 69 in early 2016.