David Bowie's Photographer Mick Rock Rants About Kylie Jenner's Photographer Terry Richardson

The Rise Of David Bowie - H 2015
Courtesy of Jessie Askinazi

At his Taschen book launch party, the seventies iconic rock photographer opined on how Miley Cyrus is not shocking ("a cute little girl pop singer") but controversial fashion shutterbug Terry Richardson is: "He's a pig."

In the midst of a packed Sept. 8 launch party in West Hollywood's Taschen gallery — where the 600-person capacity hit overflow by 8 p.m. with a line down the block — iconic 1970s photographer Mick Rock celebrated his new book, The Rise Of David Bowie, with some unbridled rock 'n' roll rancor.

Starting off gently, Rick expressed admiration for Miley Cyrus: “Miley Cyrus is a cute little girl pop singer. I think she’s really pretty talented, but, to me, it’s kind of sweet," adding that she's not the shock jock she might hope to be. "It’s not exactly Iggy Pop on a rampage in 1972,” he said.

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Controversial fellow photographer Terry Richardson — who recently caught ire for his photography of Kylie Jenner for Galore magazine, and in 2010 was accused of sexually harassing young models by supermodel Rie Rasmussen — is another matter.

Rock has nothing good to say about the fashion shutterbug, from his work, of which one piece happened to be hanging on a nearby gallery wall ("It's garbage, it’s baby stuff, who’s he gonna shock? ... I think that’s childish, very childish") to his notoriously predatory behavior: "And he’s a pig, I know certain young ladies that if it had been my daughter, he wouldn’t have a dick anymore. And I don’t even like him being in the room, but it’s not my gallery. I don’t like f—ing pigs. That’s got no class, it’s got no true design, it has no true aesthetic, it’s just a f—ing asshole waving his dick around. He’s such an ugly c—, it’s just as well he’s got a big dick, 'cause he’d get no action at all.”