David Cassidy First to Go on NBC's 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The 70s teen heartthrob is sent home after getting into a spat with Survivor's Richard Hatch.

David Cassidy was the first to go on the fourth season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, which premiered Sunday.

The show's first challenge was to make pizza.
The women's team won - raising $115,000 - but not without some cat-fighting. Some of the castmates took aim at Star Jones, who let her teammates do prep work in the kitchen as she worked on graphics for their ads. Jones even called Lisa Rinna a "little girl" after she complained in the board room.
But things were more intense on the men's side, as former Survivor star Richard Hatch faced off against Cassidy.
At one point on the show, Hatch even shoved him.
Hatch -- who brought both baseball player Jose Canseco and Cassidy with him to the boardroom -- called the former teen idol "delicate" and a "little person." 
In the end, Donald Trump stood behind Hatch, sending Cassidy home: "I have more respect for you than either of these guys, but you're fired."