David Denby to Step Down as New Yorker Film Critic

New Yorker - H - 2014
The New Yorker

While Denby will continue as a staff writer, Anthony Lane will be the New Yorker's only film critic

Longtime New Yorker writer David Denby is transitioning to a new role at the weekly magazine, and stepping down from his role as film critic early next year. 

"He is going to give up his fortnightly reviewing in early 2015 but will continue as a staff writer, contributing longer critic-at-large pieces to the magazine," stated Natalie Raabe, the magazine's director of communications, in an email to THR.

"Anthony Lane will become the magazine's sole film critic and Richard Brody will continue at The Front Row on newyorker.com. Between their work and David's contributions, there will be no shortage of film coverage," Raabe added. 

The prominent critic has written for the magazine since 1998, weighing in on blockbuster films and awards contenders alike.

Denby's new role as critic-at-large will include the writer contributing on a range of subjects not limited to film, Raabe stated. 

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