David Guetta Designs DJ-Friendly Headphones for Beats By Dre

Courtesy Beats By Dre

The Grammy-winning artist along with Beats co-founder and Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine debuted the "Mixr" line in Berlin on Monday.

Beats, the electronics company founded by rapper-producer Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine, has partnered with Grammy winning artist David Guetta to launch “Mixr,” a line of headphones designed specifically for DJs.

In an announcement made on Wednesday, the company, which recently entered into a strategic partnership with Taiwan-based HTC Mobile (in a deal estimated to be worth $300 million), described its new product as lightweight and durable, combining groundbreaking sound quality with an ultra-compact design. Among its features: ear cups that swivel 180 degrees.

Says Guetta in the statement: “The process was completely collaborative… Our vision was to create the perfect worldclass headphone for DJs and music lovers alike and the outcome is truly amazing! I use headphones every day in the studio and every night at gigs, so I know how important the difference in quality is and want to share that. The sound is better than anything I’ve experienced before because it doesn’t distort no matter what volume I am playing music at. They’re easy to travel with because they’re so light and compact. I can’t wait to start using them when I’m DJing, creating music or just when I’m listening to music on the move.”

Added Iovine, “As David can attest, the quality of headphones can make or break a performance and the Beats Mixr will provide DJs with studio quality sound along with the impact of a live concert in product that is durable and flexible enough to withstand the most intense performances.”

The Mixr headphones had their official debut at a launch event held in Berlin on September 6. The line will be available in the UK, Germany and France in October with a suggested retail price of £249.95 (around $400). According to a Beats rep, a U.S. sale date “hasn’t been determined yet.”

See photos from the party at the Beats By Dre official Facebook page.

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