David Hasselhoff Compares Upcoming U.K. Show to 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

David Hasselhoff - P 2014

He says 'Hoff the Record' is mostly improv, like his life, and will "insult some people" ?

David Hasselhoff on Thursday compared his upcoming U.K. TV comedy series Hoff the Record to Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, saying the semi-fictional show is "kind of a highlighted version of my life."

Describing the show that will air on British comedy network Dave as mostly improv-driven, he said Curb is one of his favorite shows along with old British comedy Fawlty Towers. "We have taken kind of a Larry David style," he said about the series' approach. "Almost everything in the show has happened to me."

He also quipped: "I think my whole life is improv. ... I'm trying to figure out how to lead a normal life." Discussing the tone of the show, he said: "We are going to definitely insult a few people," but he will be getting insulted most.

The former Baywatch and Knight Rider star discussed the series, announced this summer, at an event in London organized by Dave parent UKTV, a joint venture of Scripps Networks Interactive and BBC Worldwide. 

The mockumentary stars Hasselhoff as his larger-than-life alter ego The Hoff, with the actor acknowledging Thursday that many fans love the moniker. "The Hoff has kind of eclipsed my life," he said. In 2010, A&E pulled his reality series The Hasselhoffs after two episodes.

The father of two girls also shared some other tidbits about the show, including that a young actor plays his fictional German son. Said Hasselhoff: "It's a pleasure, because I'm doing improvisations with these amazing actors. … The kids are really amazing."

The star also brought along a teaser clip with a scene that showed him surprise actors auditioning for a Hasselhoff biopic only to be asked to read for the role himself.

He also suggested that he encounters comedy everywhere, saying that a stranger in London recently recognized him and asked him if he was 68, to which he replied he was only 62. He also said the same person asked his Welsh girlfriend, who is in her 30s, if she was Morgan Fairchild.

Dave previously announced that Hoff the Record was scheduled as a six-part series. It is expected to launch in 2015. Following five divorces — instead of the two that Hasselhoff has had in real life — and misguided career decisions, the series sees The Hoff moving to the U.K. in an attempt to get his career back on track.

Hasselhoff on Thursday also made light of his Baywatch past. "There never was a script for Baywatch," Hasselhoff said after showing up onstage with a red rescue buoy known from the show in hand. "The scripts were the women."

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