David Hasselhoff Speaks Spanish in New Viral Video

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

The Hoff appears in a wild viral video in Spain for a new comedy, in which he learns how to catcall women like a Barcelona pro.

Everyone knows Germany can't get enough of David Hasselhoff, but the former Knight Rider star is also popular in Spain, apparently.

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The Hoff appears in a new viral video lighting up the EU country this week where he appears to be learning the finer art of harassing pretty women by an elite team of cat calling Spanish men (actually actors) as models walk by a park bench.

The video is a promotion for forthcoming Spanish film FUGA DE CEREBROS 2 (translates to "Brain Drain 2"). In the movie, which hits theaters December 2nd across the Atlantic (no U.S. release date), a group of young men go to Harvard and meet hot women (hilarity ensues). Hasselhoff is credited as a cast member in the film, per IMDB.

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In the clip, the American actor tries out a few lines on the ladies in typical 'Iberian macho' style.

"Go by the shadow that the sun melts the chocolate," he says at the beginning of the clip (per Google translate).

Watch the You Tube viral promo below and the film trailer here (via Antena 3 Films). This is how to land women in Spain?

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