David Joliffe Appointed to SAG Boards

The MemberShipFirst leader takes a seat on the SAG National and Hollywood Division Board of Directors.

Lainie Kazan has resigned from the SAG National and Hollywood Division Boards, and appointed MembershipFirst leader David Jolliffe to succeed her. Kazan was also associated with MembershipFirst, so the move does not appear to change the balance of power on the boards.

The SAG constitution and by-laws allow a resigning member to appoint his or her own successor, who serves until the next election – in this case, September 2011. Jolliffe was on the ballot for the national board last September, but did not win a seat.

MembershipFirst is the SAG electoral faction associated with former guild president Alan Rosenberg, and has been dwindling in power over the last three election cycles. It lost control of the national board in 2008, the guild presidency in 2009 and the Hollywood Division Board in 2010.

A phone call to Jolliffe was not immediately returned.

The news was first reported by SAGWatch, which also states that a Membership First elected board member on the AFTRA Board will announce his or her resignation this weekend.