David Letterman Does Top 10 List on Oprah's Last Show

Included on his run-down of "things not expected?" "It was an hour of Oprah counting her money!" he jokes.

David Letterman dedicated his Top 10 list to "things not expected, not predicted to happen" during Oprah Winfrey's last show Wednesday.

No. 10: She read a list of people who can kiss her ass.
No. 9: For old time's sake, Tom Cruise jumped up and down on her couch.
No. 8: A pre-recorded message from Osama Bin Laden.
No. 7: The surprise guest was Oprah's half sister's half sister.
No. 6: A confused Larry King walked on stage shouting, 'Silver Spring, Maryland - hello!"
No. 5: Oprah's staffers chipped in and gave her a $20 gift certificate for Starbucks.
No. 4: No number four. Writer despondent over Oprah's finale.
No. 3: Gayle King fired on stage from a cannon.
No. 2: Due to a typo, everyone on stage got a brand new carp.
No. 1: It was an hour of Oprah counting her money!"

Letterman also aired a bizarre segment to the talk-show host, having two stagehands sarcastically read from a transcript of Winfrey's recent interview of Martha Stewart. PHOTOS: Oprah's most memorable moments

Letterman and Oprah have had a longstanding contentious relationship. He infamously mocked her name while hosting the 1995 Oscars (“Oprah...Uma”). Years later, he started a campaign to convince her to come on her show, which she finally did in 2005 right before her The Color Purple opened on Broadway.

He then joked he felt "snubbed" not to get invited to one of her final shows. VIDEO: Remember these Oprah Show moments?

Winfrey broadcast her last show Wednesday after 25 years on air. She'll focus more on her OWN network.

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