David Letterman Jokes About Osama Bin Laden-Situation Room Photo

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His Top 10 list on Tuesday’s Late Show was called “Things overheard during this moment.”

David Letterman took a break from skewering Donald Trump on the Late Show Tuesday to make a few jokes about the tense photo showing President Barack Obama watching the raid on Osama Bin Laden's Islamabad-area mansion.

The "Top Ten Things Overheard During This Moment" included, "Joe Biden, wake up!" laughed Letterman. Also: "Pause this, I gotta take a leak" and "Seriously, Joe Biden, wake up!"

No. 1 on Letterman's list? "I just wish Dick Cheney were alive to see this."

On Monday's show Letterman managed to connect Trump -- whom he recently called racist -- to Bin Laden by joking that Bin Laden's last words were, "What on Earth could be interrupting Celebrity Apprentice?"