David Letterman and Oprah Discuss His "Already" Cleaned-Out Office, Marijuana on 'Late Show'

Oprah Letterman - H

The two hosts also discussed Winfrey's South African girls' school during her last 'Late Show' appearance.

Oprah Winfrey sat down with soon-to-be-retired late-night host David Letterman on Friday night, marking her last appearance on Letterman's iteration of the Late Show before its finale next week.

During the sit-down interview, Letterman told Oprah what he's keeping from his cleaned-out office.

"Are you going to clean out your office here yourself?" asked Winfrey. "Yes, I've already done that," replied Letterman.

"How was that?" inquired Winfrey. "Easy because I started four or five years ago," joked Letterman in reply.

Letterman said that the one thing he is keeping from his office is a rubber sink-stopper on a chain: "The only thing I'm taking is the rubber stopper and the chain."

The pair also discussed retiring from being a talk show host. "It's going to be a mess," Letterman said of the prospect of not having people do everything for him. The Late Show host inquired about Winfrey's girls' school in South Africa, which she said "takes up a lot of my time."

Another subject the pair touched upon was marijuana. "What do you think about smoking weed? Are you smoking?" Letterman asked a stunned Winfrey.

"Actually, no. I haven't smoked weed in 30 years," said Winfrey. "Really."

Letterman said that he quit smoking weed because he found himself standing in front of his freezer and devouring two pints of ice cream at a time. "It makes you feel dumb, smoking the weed," said Letterman.

Watch the full interview below.