David Letterman's 'Late Show' Set From the Early '90s For Sale on eBay (Video)

Three buildings that made up the show's New York City skyline can be yours for several thousand dollars.

If you wanted a piece of David Letterman's most recent Late Show set, you likely have to fish it out of the trash, as workers were photographed tossing many of the iconic set pieces into a dumpster yesterday, the day after Letterman taped his final show. And some of the scraps from that set have already made their way onto eBay.

But fans interested in owning some of the iconic parts of Letterman's set from the early '90s can also find those on eBay.

Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men is apparently the seller, according to a video the eBay listing directs people to. Twenty years ago he stumbled across three buildings that made up the New York City skyline that appeared behind the windows Letterman often pretended to break by flinging index cards at them. The large set pieces are illuminated by dozens of small light bulbs, something Bonanno shows off in the video as he demonstrates how you could continue Letterman's Late Show without him by buying the set pieces.

They're not cheap, though, with bids starting at $10,000 as of Friday afternoon. The sale is set to end on Wednesday.

Get the set from the David Letterman Show (90's) from mike bonanno on Vimeo.

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