David Lynch on How to Gift Transcendental Meditation for the Holidays: "Bliss Is Our Nature"

David Lynch-Getty-H 2018
Glenn Hunt/Getty Images

The 'Twin Peaks' creator offers his gift guide that's rooted in wellness.

Beyond crystals and candles lies the coveted state of wellness, which writer-director David Lynch passionately believes can be achieved through Transcendental Meditation. Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, Jerry Seinfeld and a host of other stars have embraced TM. Via the David Lynch Foundation, you can gift yourself classes or donate so others in need can experience it. 

There is some good news — the overall world movement toward health. But let's think about the word “transcend.” This is the key to everything. It means to experience the deepest eternal level of life. That is the field we want to experience, because when a person truly transcends and experiences that field, within it is pure consciousness. And this consciousness has qualities of unbounded intelligence, happiness, creativity, love, energy and peace for every human being.

But you need a technique that allows you to truly transcend to get to that field — to access the big treasury within every human being. Every day you transcend, you’re expanding that consciousness. People see things like stress, traumatic stress, anxiety, tension, sorrow, depression, hate, bitterness, selfishness, anger and fear start to lift away automatically.

A phrase to remember: Water the root. This is about going to the source of everything. Yes, you could eat good, healthy, organic foods, you could exercise, you could do all of those things. But the Transcendental Meditation technique is taking care of it from the deepest level.

I recommend practicing Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Get a certified, legitimate teacher and learn this technique and meditate regularly and you can’t lose. It’s a big, big, big blessing. A big gift you can give yourself. 

Research has shown that it’s good for your heart, your blood pressure, your brain. You’re going to get more love, relationships will improve, you’re going to get more creative, more ideas will flow. Kids' IQs can actually go up when they’re transcending every day. They say true happiness comes from within, not out there.

At the David Lynch Foundation, we raise money to give Transcendental Meditation to those who can’t afford it. There is a Vedic expression: “The world is my family." It’s what we all want. We don’t want a suffering world. Bliss is our nature.

The TM technique consists of five one-hour classes, with the last four classes on consecutive days. Classes are provided at the Foundation, partner offices, private homes, businesses on site, inner-city schools, veteran organizations, recovery centers and domestic violence shelters.