David Lynch to receive Cologne Film Award

Will be honored at a ceremony in Cologne Oct. 1

COLOGNE, Germany -- Visionary filmmaker David Lynch will receive the 2011 Cologne Film Prize.

The Palme d'Or and Cesar-winning director of "Blue Velvet," "Wild at Heart" and Emmy-nominated 1980s touchstone "Twin Peaks" will be honored at a ceremony in Cologne Oct. 1. He will also give a workshop as part of the television festival and media confab the Cologne Conference (Sept. 26 – Oct. 1).

Lynch's "Twin Peaks" screened at the first Cologne Conference in 1991. In his honor, this year's fest will screen the series as well as several of Lynch's best-known features, including "Mulholland Drive" (2001), "Eraserhead" (1976), "Lost Highway" (1997) "Wild at Heart" (1990) and "Blue Velvet" (1986).

Lynch will be the fourth recipient of the Cologne Film Prize, following Paul Haggis, Belgian directors Luc und Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Roman Polanski. Polanski received the honor last year but could not attend due to his incarceration in Switzerland.