David Lynch Releases Ad for Coffee Line

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David Lynch

Director says the beverage has a strong connection to artistry.

David Lynch might not agree with the average Joe on what makes a movie great. The director gravitates toward the macabre and the mind-bending, aesthetics that haven't always endeared him to the popcorn crowd.

But Lynch does share at least one thing with the common man: a taste for a good cup of coffee.

Lynch has his own line of the stuff, and directed a new ad promoting the David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee.

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The director is apparently obsessed with the drink. In an essay expounding upon the roll of coffee in an artist's life, he writes that at one time, he routinely drank 20 cups of instant coffee per day, but has since weaned himself down to seven.

As Adweek pointed out, many of his characters share Lynch's love of coffee, too.

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For Lynch, coffee can bring out hidden ideas and is as much a visual stimulant as it is a mental one. He says simply moving a cup can create a beautiful choreography, as "individual droplets will leap out of the ripples and dance all along the surface of the coffee."

Now, take a look at how that's inspiration has translated into his new add.