David O. Russell's 'Nailed' Gets Release Date, New Title

David O. Russell
Austin Hargrave

Nobody can talk like David O. Russell. He talks about his borderline attention deficit disorder ("I'm an ADD guy, kind of a little; I'm not a stranger to the notion"); he talks about Harvey Weinstein ("I love Harvey; he's so passionate"); he talks about writing every day, plowing on for years without recognition: "I wrote several scripts, and I would write them 20, 30 times [to] find out how many ways I could write something and make it better."

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Now dubbed 'Accidental Love,' the satire will be released theatrically in February

David O. Russell's long-shelved political satire Nailed will soon get a theatrical release.

Now titled Accidental Love, the film will be released theatrically Feb. 20, 10 days after it is available on video-on-demand. Millennium Entertainment, which is releasing the film, posted the film's trailer on Tuesday morning.

The movie, which no longer carries Russell's name and is credited to director Stephen Greene, began filming in 2008 and was eventually put on ice in 2010 after production was stopped multiple times due to the production budget being frozen.

Kristin Gore (daughter of Vice President Al Gore) wrote the screenplay, which centers on an uninsured waitress (Jessica Biel) who suffers a brain injury after a nail is lodged in her head. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a sleazy politician with whom she teams up.

Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher produced the film, which was originally financed by David Bergstein. Like Russell, Wick and Fisher had their names removed from the production. Bergstein is now listed as a producer.