David Plouffe's New Gig: Bloomberg TV Contributor and Strategic Adviser

David Plouffe - H 2013
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David Plouffe - H 2013

The ex-senior adviser to President Obama will provide analysis on politics, business and technology, among other topics.

After leaving the White House cabinet, where he was senior adviser to President Obama, David Plouffe has landed a new gig as contributor and strategic adviser at Bloomberg Television.

In that role, Plouffe will provide analysis and commentary on political and business issues impacting Wall Street, Washington and the wider country, and will also contribute to the conversation on technology, demographic changes and crisis management.

"I am excited for both the on and off air relationship with Bloomberg," Plouffe said in a statement Thursday. "Their programming lends itself to fuller discussion, which given the complexity of the issues before our country, is of great value."

Added Andrew Morse, head of Bloomberg TV in the U.S.: "We're thrilled he's joining the Bloomberg team to provide his unique insight and analysis to our coverage of business and politics."

Plouffe has said his post-Obama Administration vocations would include spending time with family, consulting for the private sector and advising the President "from the outside, unofficially."