David Schwimmer to Star in Sitcom for U.K.'s Channel 4

David Schwimmer

The Friends star will make his TV series return in ABC's Irreversible, a single-camera comedic adaptation of Israel's Bilti Hafich. He'll play Andy, a writer who now conducts workshops part-time at a university who struggles to write his next novel after the birth of his daughter. 

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In 'Morning Has Broken,' he will ?play a producer brought in to rescue a failing morning TV show.

Former Friends star David Schwimmer has been cast in upcoming six-episode sitcom Morning Has Broken on Britain's Channel 4.

The U.K. broadcaster said he will play a U.S. producer tapped to rescue a former hit British morning TV show that has fallen in the ratings. Fellow Friends star Matt LeBlanc has had success with BBC/Showtime comedy Episodes.‎

Morning Has Broken co-writer Julia Davis (Hunderby) will star in the sitcom as Gail Sinclair, the self-styled "Queen of Daytime" who has enjoyed eight glorious years of high ratings and winning awards before things begin to go wrong, the program begins to lose viewers and tensions break out within the production team.

Schwimmer plays a hot shot American producer brought in to try and save the floundering show.  Davis’ co-writer, Nick Mohammed, will play one of Gail's fellow breakfast anchors, Channel 4 said.

"I've been a massive fan of Julia's for years, and I'm thrilled to be able to finally work with her and Nick on this fantastic comedy," said Schwimmer

"Julia is undoubtedly one of our most talented comedic writers and actresses, and it’s a testament to the quality of her writing that she can attract such a big star," added Rachel Springett, commissioning editor for comedy at Channel 4.‎ 

Morning Has Broken is scheduled to air in the U.K. next year.