David Shuster on MSNBC Exit: 'I Never Intended to Humiliate or Embarrass Anyone'

The newscaster discusses his exit from the network after suspension and his plans for 2011.

Following the expiration of his MSNBC contract and the end of his "indefinite" suspension which began in April, David Shuster talked about his departure from the network.

"I had a great eight-and-a-half years with MSNBC and I have many lifelong friends that I made there," he told the Huffington Post

"I never intended to humiliate or embarrass anyone at MSNBC, and I harbor no ill-will or bad feelings towards anybody over there," he added.

Shuster declined to talk about specifics regarding the situation.

His suspension came after a story broke that he had filmed a pilot for rival CNN with NPR host Michael Martin as co-anchor. On Tuesday, a spokesperson for MSNBC confirmed that Shuster's contract has expired.

While he kept his future plans vague, Shuster said he will continue in journalism: "I'm thrilled and excited with the awesome responsibilities in journalism that I have lined up for 2011 and look forward to providing more detail in the new year."