David Wain Has a Message for the Girl Who Rejected Him (Video)

The "Wanderlust" director offered an update on a "Wet Hot American Summer" sequel, as well as a painful high school memory.

If you are the girl that rejected David Wain on the first day of school, you might want to close your ears.

Before he was in Stella and became a film director, Wain was a normal high school kid with a problematic nose. But he was also resourceful; as he told The Hollywood Reporter at Sunday's Hollywood in the Hamptons event, he underwent a transformation that he thought would win the heart of his crush.

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"I got [to school] and I thought that the girl that I really liked, who I missed all summer, would finally go out with me, because I had finally gotten a nose job," he remembered. "And then she said I was still ugly."

Don't think he's still pouting over it, though.

"Well, now I’m famous, so f--- her," he quipped.

On that note, Wain also discussed his upcoming new comedy, starring Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler, and addressed those Wet Hot American Summer sequel rumors.

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