Davitian joins Fox's 'Under'


Ken Davitian, who shot to prominence in the hit 2006 movie "Borat" as Borat's producer and nude-wrestling partner Azmat Bagatov, has been cast in Fox's comedy "Starting Under."

"Under," from Warner Bros. TV, stars Bernie Mac as a guy who moves in with his son and starts working for him at a marketing firm. The project, from veteran comedy writer Bruce Helford, received a series commitment in early November.

Davitian will play Ken, who, in the breakdown for the role, is described as "stout" and "gregarious." The part was originally written for a Polish accent.

Following the success of Fox's "Borat," Davitian landed a slew of movie roles, including parts in the upcoming "Get Smart." He most recently co-starred in "Meet the Spartans."