Davitian spies 'Smart' role as KAOS baddie


Ken Davitian, who as producer Azamat Bagatov suffered the many indignities of Borat, has joined the all-star cast of Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow's big-screen adaptation of "Get Smart."

Steve Carell is playing Maxwell Smart, Anne Hathaway is Agent 99, and Alan Arkin is portraying the Chief of CONTROL. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Terrence Stamp also have been cast.

Davitian will play the evil assistant to Stamp, the head of the nefarious organization known as KAOS.

Andrew Lazar, Charles Roven and Alex Gartner are producing the comedy. Mosaic, Mad Chance and Callahan Films are the production entities involved.

Greg Silverman is overseeing for the studio.

"It's my first film that is with so many big people," said Davitian, repped by Rebel Entertainment. "It's really an honor for me to work on this."

It wasn't long ago that Davitian was doing bit parts in more dramatic fare such as "Holes," "A Man Apart," "SWAT" and shows like "Six Feet Under." To help pay the bills, he even opened up a French dip sandwich restaurant in Sherman Oaks called the Dip. His role in "Borat," along with the subsequent infamy of naked wrestling sequence and appearance on the Golden Globes, have changed all of that.

"I'm a day player who has finally made it," he said. "And that's what we're all working at. It's always about getting to the next level and being in a situation where you can utilize your talents and do the work that you really want to do."

Davitian will be seen on an upcoming episode of "ER" and recently booked a role on an upcoming episode of "Ghost Whisperer." And he opened up a second Dip restaurant in the Hollywood & Highland complex. He credits his older age and his family for keeping the instant fame from going to his head.

"I'm older than most famous people," he said, "and getting famous in the later years, I'm pretty well-balanced. I'm having a great time. I'm finally starting do to what I love to do."