Day-Lewis dedicates SAG Award to Ledger


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Daniel Day-Lewis dedicated his Screen Actors Guild Award to Heath Ledger.

Day-Lewis, who was honored Sunday as leading actor for his performance in "There Will Be Blood," gave an acceptance speech that echoed comments he made last week about Ledger, the 28-year-old Australian actor whose death stunned Hollywood.

"In 'Brokeback Mountain' he was unique; he was perfect," Day-Lewis said. "That scene in the trailer at the end of the film is as moving as anything I think I've ever seen."

Backstage, the 50-year-old Day-Lewis said he never met Ledger but the actor's death was all he had been thinking about recently.

"I thought he was beautiful. I just had a very strong feeling I would have liked him very much as a man," he said. "I admired him very much. I'm absolutely certain he would have done many wonderful things in his life."