A Day in My Life: Nina Tassler

Issue 52 - Nina Tassler - RROSALES_HR_NTASSLE_112
Ramona Rosales

Riding a ratings wave, the CBS Entertainment president has a few ideas about how to stay on top.

6:00 AM Wake up. Ratings, e-mails, N.Y. business, review calendar for the day. (Suit, dress or jeans day?)

6:45 AM Wake my daughter. Review her calendar for the day (does she have basketball, Hebrew school or volleyball practice after school? Am I Snack Mom?). Drop daughter off at school.

8:00 AM Arrive at CBS. Coffee and breakfast at desk. Look at rough cuts, casting tapes, calls to N.Y., press clippings, trades, websites, e-mails.

9:00 AM Lay out agenda for the day by department. Staff meetings. Phone calls. Take pitches. Respond on pitches. General meetings with outside talent and producers.

11:00 AM Attend The Talk, or a table read or a run-through for either $#*! My Dad Says, Mike & Molly or Mad Love. Quick debrief notes from day’s episode.

12:00 PM Lunch with talent, agent, producer. Or stay at my desk and watch cuts or catch up on personal family business.

1:00 PM More pitches: drama, comedy, reality, specials. Outside general meetings. Certain times of year there are budget meetings, marketing meetings, human resources. Show meetings — focus on needs of an individual show (changes week to week). Phone calls — agents, talent. Much of the day also is spent interfacing with department heads, studio, business affairs, troubleshooting and general management.

3:00 PM Daughter out of school. Check in when she gets home. (Basketball game? I’ll run across the street to her school to watch her play and return to the office after.)

6:00 PM Attend tapings — Mike & Molly or $#*!

7:30 PM Leave office. Errands, unless there’s a meeting for the Jewish Federation, Boston University or maybe a school event. Occasionally, I’ll go out to dinner, but generally not during the week.

8:00 PM Home. Family.

10:00 PM Read scripts on iPad (my new obsession), look at rough cuts, respond to e-mails. Read book and play a game of Scrabble (totally obsessed) on my iPad or watch a documentary on Netflix. I’ve generally watched episodes of our shows on DVD before they air, unless it’s The Amazing Race or Survivor — I like to watch those on air. Same with The Good Wife.

12:00 AM My usual bedtime.