Tuesday Tunes: This Is How DJ Jason Bentley Starts His Day

Courtesy of Daybreaker World
Daybreaker L.A.

Inspired by the Daybreaker dance-party phenom, the KCRW radio host shares his morning playlist.

Across the country, early risers are foregoing their sunrise yoga and spin sessions in favor of the new dawn dance party and workout that’s picking up steam city by city. The wellness movement — which already has taken hold of places like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles — made its debut at last week’s Art Basel, and it has its sights set on Amsterdam, Seattle and Atlanta in the near future.

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DJs like L.A.-based KCRW host and music director Jason Bentley and Brooklyn, N.Y.-based The Golden Pony helm the turntables at these two-hour prework rave sessions, which can take place anywhere from a boat deck to an empty nightclub space. Fueled by the likes of kombucha and energy bars (the events are alcohol-free), the parties are as focused on fitness as they are on fun.

Ahead of upcoming Daybreaker holiday-themed parties in December, including L.A.’s holiday pajama party on Dec. 10 and an ugly-sweater party in New York on Dec. 16, Bentley shares the morning playlist that’s getting him pumped for his day.

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