'Days of Our Lives' Gets Renewed for Two More Years

Executive producer Ken Corday "broke down" in tears when departing chief Jeff Zucker informed him of the news on Friday.

In a rare win for soaps, Days of Our Lives has been renewed for two more years, The New York Times reports.

Ken Corday, the executive producer of the long-running NBC soap, told the paper he "broke down" in tears upon hearing the news from the departing network chief, Jeff Zucker, on Friday. Corday's parents were co-creators of the series 45 years ago.

“This is a time of a lot of uncertainty in the soap community,” Corday told the Times, referring to the end of Guiding Light in 2009 after 72 years, and the cancellation of As the World Turns.

Corday said he thought the best-case scenario would be a one-year renewal. With the new deal, the show will air though September 2013, with an option to extend the contract one year if ratings remain steady.

The Times credits the show's survival to a deep budget cut two seasons ago after NBC cut its licensing fee by more than 40 percent. The license fee remains the same in the new contract.