DCI spec gets upgraded

Adds stereoscopic digital cinema

The studio consortium Digital Cinema Initiatives has adopted and is releasing a revised version 1.1 of its Digital Cinema System Specification; it also is releasing a draft Stereoscopic Digital Cinema Addendum. The announcement was made Sunday during at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention.

The draft of the stereoscopic digital-cinema addendum reflects the growing interest in stereoscopic 3-D digital cinema. It defines technical requirements and specifications for the mastering, distribution and theatrical playback of stereoscopic digital-cinema content. It will be integrated into DCI's Digital Cinema System Specification.

The new version 1.1 of the DCI Spec incorporates the 148 erratum previously released for version 1.0. Additional specification erratum items continue to be evaluated and will be posted after agreement by the DCI membership that the erratum is needed.

DCI also has hired CineCert to test the developing compliance test for the spec and help to prepare it for release.

DCI was created in March 2002 and is a joint venture of the Walt Disney Co., Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Bros. Its primary purpose is to establish and document voluntary specifications for an open architecture for digital cinema that ensures a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability and quality control.