DDA Consulting Dennis Davidson to rep 'You'

Marcia Gay Harden-starrer dramedy 'If I Were You'

TORONTO -- DDA Consulting's Dennis Davidson has signed on to represent the Marcia Gay Harden-starrer "If I Were You," which just wrapped production in Toronto after a five-week shoot (HR, 01/19).

Davidson is lining up a sales agent to start shopping the Paragragh Pictures' dramedy in Cannes.

"If I Were You," written and directed by Joan Carr-Wiggin, also stars Leonor Watling and Aidan Quinn in a film about two women who become unlikely friends to fix their troubled lives.

The comedy drama from producers David Gordian and Alan Latham also stars Joseph Kell, Michael Therriault, Elizabeth Whitmere, Claire Brosseau and Bethany Jillard.

Dennis Davidson recently shrunk his roster to focus on DDA Consulting after a recent management buyout of DDA Public Relations, the global PR giant he founded with offices in London and Los Angeles (HR, 10/19/09).