De Angelis Group Launches New Production Division

De Angelis Media will produce series, movies and specials with an eye toward the worldwide television market.

ROME – Italian audiovisual production company De Angelis Group announced Friday it is launching De Angelis Media, a new division that will produce series, movies, and specials with an eye on the worldwide television market.

The 32-year-old company has previously focused on music, movie soundtracks, and feature films, where its portfolio includes 18 Anni Dopo (18 Years Later), which earned a nomination for best new director at the David di Donatello awards, and Los Borgias, the story of the powerful 15th Century Italian noble family.

The Rome-based company has produced television content in the past, but it has so far only been for the Italian market. The creation of De Angelis Media, the company said, marked its intent to become a player in the international television arena.

“We have a proud and successful history in the entertainment industry,” company president Guido De Angelis said in a statement. “By forming De Angelis Media we are instituting a new strategy that will open the door for our company on a go-forward basis to play an increasingly integral role in the global television content sector.”

The company announced plans to start work on five new productions, including The Merchant of Flowers, a 12-episode miniseries based on a novel of the same name; The Odessey, based loosely on Homer’s magnum opus; and A Good Season, a miniseries about the Peruzzi family, a Tuscan wine-making family.

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