De Niro's 'Love Manual' upsets Romans

Residents complain about film shoot disruptions

ROME -- Residents in the Italian capital blasted Robert De Niro and the cast of Giovanni Veronesi's "Manuale d'amore 3" (Love Manual 3) for the unusually large disruption the shooting of the film is causing in Rome, the Italian press reported Tuesday.

The daily newspaper Il Tempo called the complaints a "revolt," and several newspapers ran large spreads about the third film in the highly successful Italian franchise. In the end, law enforcement had to step in Monday to make sure public complaints did not escalate, the reports said.

In the latest installment of the story, De Niro -- who, according to reports, will speak Italian in the film -- plays an American professor who falls in love with a colleague, played by Monica Bellucci. Most of the film is set in Rome.
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